Above of Ephesus and opposite of the house of Mother Mary, there is an exceptional, beautiful and peaceful spot. It is a magical place and from the moment of arrival you feel the incredible energy coming from this place and you will find inner peace and harmony within seconds.

Here you can leave everything behind you and fill up with this incredible energy. Filled up you can change the world with full vigor, inspiration and full of ideas.

Our Vision

Ephesus Retreat is the place where people of all backgrounds and cultures from East and West meet, where religions shake hands and people find peace, quiet and harmony. Ephesus Retreat is open to all and everyone. People can get into dialogue, exchange mind or just grow in the spirit of Mother Mary. In a time when the speed in everyday life is getting faster and faster and our known systems are breaking apart, Ephesus Retreat comes to our world to create silence. Here mindfulness and reflection find their place.

Looking down at the historic sites of Ephesus reveals the complexity and transience of mankind. The closeness to Mother Mary’s house always reminds us that we all come from the same source and that it is time to understand each other more and to reconcile. Ephesus Retreat is the ideal location for your event. You can rent the place for your purposes, you can do mindfulness courses, coaching courses, yoga classes, business seminars, spiritual work or a creative event in terms of inner and outer growth.

Come in and join in the beauty and peace of Ephesus Retreat!

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Your help!

Why we need your help!

We have come a long way for the realisation our project and are very proud of what we have achieved. We have invested our own money and resources in achieving this dream step by step. We started our journey in 2012. The challenge we are facing today is, that if we continue to finance on our own, it will take us another two years to bring Ephesus Retreat to life.

We are convinced of the importance that this powerful and peaceful place is born now. That’s why we ask for your support! What comes from the heart goes to the heart. We do not want to persuade you, but inspire you for our dream.

We continue to work on our dream, day after day, with the goal of implementing that vision someday in the future.

If you share our vision, our dream, and also wish you to bring this powerful place to life, we will be glad to have your hand so that we can pass it on later.

Thank you from our deepest heart!

Yes, I want to bring Ephesus Retreat to life

Support us in our dreams, in our beliefs and in our hope to have an impact on the health and wealth of our earth. Even the smallest financial support will help us! Whether you help us with 5, 55, 555 Swiss francs or the amount you wish. The amount you choose does not matter! Any help for our project, our vision is of great importance and value!

All in all, we need 80,000 Swiss francs to complete the project!

What we need the money for?

We still need the interior decoration for all rooms, the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the seminar room, the planting and the design of the whole environment, especially water. In the end all the little things it takes to make it a beautiful and unforgettable place for you and your stay!

What do we do if we exceed the desired amount?

The money will go to the Ephesus Retreat for further investment. We plan to expand the facility, add more space to the retreat and make the stay even more enjoyable. The money collected will be invested in the retreat!

Can I help differently?

Yes sure! Once the infrastructure has a minimum of habitability, we will accommodate volunteers who want to work on site for the retreat. We keep you posted and as soon as possible this option is available, we will inform you here on this page or in the newsletter!

If you wish updates, then please register to the newsletter!

Yes, I want Ephesus Retreat to come to life!

THANK YOU for helping us to bring this unique place to Earth!

And don’t worry – we keep all your information confidential!

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"Yes, I Do"

Our help!

We also help others

5% of your financial support goes to selected social projects in Turkey!

We appreciate any support from your side! Since we believe that we are pursuing a social mission, that brings with it significant social responsibility. Therefore we also will contribute 5% of our total financial support for social projects in Turkey. The economic situation is critical for many Turkish citizens, conditioned by the current inflation and we want to share our received gift.

At the moment we have not selected a specific project that we will support, but we will keep you updated on this webpage or on your request. If you want, you can get informed by signing for the newsletter!

Our financial commitment does not stop after we put Ephesus Retreat into operation. We will even increase the contribution for social projects up to 10% of the overall company success in the future.

You can sign up for the newsletter to stay informed!

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What is Going on

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19. June 2019

Letter from Ephesus in June 2019

In November 2018 we started with the crowd donation for Ephesus Retreat. Today, a good half year has passed and fortunately, we have reached a first major milestone. We were…
1. March 2019

The House of Mother Mary

Opposite the Ephesus Retreat is the house of the Virgin Mary. The house of the Mother Mary is the alleged last abode and therefore perhaps the death of Mother Maria.…
14. November 2018

What can you do in Ephesus?

You can dive in history! Ephesus, the ancient city, is near our Ephesus Retreat. Ephesus was an Greek city on the coast of Ionia. It was built in the 10th…

Who we are

Who are the people behind Ephesus Retreat? We are Pinar, Mesut and Arne. We come from different cultures and religions. Our paths have crossed in the last 10 years and we share the vision of Ephesus Retreat and we have the same dream to bring the world closer together.


Born in Istanbul, raised in Basel. Founder of several successful companies in Switzerland. The visionary of the project, our calm but powerful mastermind.

“I always had the vision to set up and run a retreat. In this place, it should be possible to dangle mind and soul and to be able to recharge the batteries. Through my many travels across Turkey, I have found this wonderful place, and it was just as I had always imagined in my wildest dreams. I coordinate the overall planning of the construction in Turkey.”


The Enabler and Believer. Born in Basel, raised in Basel, living in Zurich. Management and development of several own companies in the consulting and coaching area.

“I am always looking for sustainable ideas and solutions that are important for society and individuals. When Mesut showed me the project and the location of the Retreat, I immediately fell in love with this unique gem. I coordinate the activities from Switzerland and am mainly responsible for the financing.”


100% Turkish energy. Born and raised in Istanbul. Together with her background as a hotel manager she knows what is important in a hospitable establishment.

“Honestly, I have long dismissed the idea and the vision as a fantasy, but with every stone laid and the growth of Ephesus Retreat, I understood the vision and all possibility of Mesut and Arne. As a former hotel manager, I lead the design Place and contribute my hotel knowledge to the project.”

The Voice of our Visitors

“Driving from the airport of Izmir to Ephesus, the journey led us through a very varied, exciting area. After a short time we were at the junction of the main road on the feeder to the resort. This road leads you into a beautiful nature and the tension increases more and more - what awaits us?
After a bend, I can literally feel that we have to be there - you drive through a gate into another world. It gets very quiet, I'm calm, the wind blows through the trees, I can hear the birds chirping, my eyes resting on the resort, embedded in the nature, and sweeping on across the expanse of the valley. The view is breathtaking, let us pause, breathe, we arrive.
The resort looks as if it has been here forever, nothing is imposed, everything looks calm and harmonious through the use of natural materials and colors. Although everything is still in the shell during my visit, I can imagine what it must feel like when I am in my room and let my eyes wander over the valley, what it feels like to immerse myself in this peace, to be pampered doing yoga in a light-filled room with a view of nature, the valley and the house of Mother Mary.
How beautiful it must be when everything is finished, the surrounding work is completed and you can also be pampered culinary.
I will definitely come back as a guest and immerse in this extraordinary mixture of peace, harmony, nature, beauty, history, and at the same time to have the room to dangle my soul.”

Conny, Zurich

“On the way to Ephesus Retreat, along the bumpy road, you can already feel the atmospheric appeal of the place. The adjoining "Bee Forest" is like a protective cloak around the retreat, where you can always return whenever you feel the need.

It reminds you that the tree never leaves the flower. It's the blossom that goes. So you feel here the tangible, authentic, energetic air that flows from the opposite hill of the Mother Mary and unites with the aura of the ancient city of Ephesus.

Here in the silence you hear your own heartbeat, beating to the beat of rustling branches. Meet this magical place in the triangle of the house of the Virgin Mary and the wonder of the world Ephesus.

Be one with yourself, with the view into the vastness that leads to the depth of the retreat in itself.”

Songül, Frankfurt

“Ephesus Retreat is a hidden gem in a magical part of the forest, surrounded by olive and pine trees. On my way to the retreat I was greeted each time with different ceremonies of nature. It is a spiritual environment that touches your soul.

I listen to the warm wind whispering the pines and each time I find myself in another fairy tale. I listen to the stories of the wind telling me the secrets of thousands of civilizations.

Ephesus Retreat will work in unison with beautiful nature to restore my soul and body, and it will be a catalyst for my new beginning.

Thanks to my friends who are working to bring this beauty to people around the world.”

Mustafa, Izmir

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