Letter from Ephesus in June 2019

In November 2018 we started with the crowd donation for Ephesus Retreat. Today, a good half year has passed and fortunately, we have reached a first major milestone. We were able to collect a good 10’000 Swiss francs to date and use the money for a first expansion. A big thank you to all our supporters!

The floor is complete!

With the first financial means we could lay the floors in the rooms and the corridor of the house, as well as order the room doors and have them installed. The result is stunning. But let yourself be surprised, look at the pictures, let it work on you.

As you know, pictures only tell a part about the true fascination of the place. We already had some visitors on the grounds and the experience was unique every time. Two yoga teachers from Switzerland visited us at the beginning of June this year and were deeply impressed and touched by the location, its power, charisma and its uniqueness. The place gives such a deep peace that you do not want to leave. The presence of Mother Mary is noticeable on every step in the retreat and does not let you go.

Experience the fascination yourself and help us on the spot!

Words and pictures are the beginning, but the circle closes when you come to this place yourself. From September onwards, we will be ready for volunteers to get the Retreat prepared the next year. These volunteers are needed for working in the garden, feeding animals and craftsman skills for maintaining 40 hectares of land. If you are interested in supporting us for a good cause, please contact arne@ephesusretreat.com directly.

The next steps until August 2019

In the coming months of June and July, we plan to create the apart house, enlarge the balcony on the first floor, install the railing, install the bathroom and set up the access gate. Already today, the beauty of the Retreat has spread among the population and we have many spontaneous visitors. While this is a beautiful side effect, it is time to control the access.

The trip goes on

In order for us to be able to implement all our plans for the coming months in the desired time, we are still dependent on your support. To this day, we have received a lot of appreciation for the project and our vision and brought it into the world. Continue to report on the wonderful project, invite friends to visit our web page and be part of the dream to create a place where the focus is on co-existence, where cultures, religions and people meet and ideas for large and far-reaching projects can arise. No contribution is too small to support our vision. All necessary information can be found under the link “Learn more!” or who would like to make a contribution under the link “I’m in!”.